Hairdresser/ Make Up

The day begins for the bride after breakfast often with the makeup and the hairdressing. Sometimes the bridegroom come along to the hairdresser, but it does not happen often. On the island are good hairdressers and make up professionals. The local people know that the wind is always there on the island and know exactly what to do to make sure your hair stays beautiful throughout the day. Together, the professionals work together often and know each other.

Barbers Heeren en Dames Kapsalon:
  A cozy hairdresser in Den Burg is run by two sisters; Clementien and Henriëtte. Many beautiful haircuts have been made here. There are two chairs so you can always bring someone with you. A relax start off your day and the whole hairdressing salon for you, makeup is also possible.


Kapper de Haarzaak: Anita comes to you on your location or you may go to Den Hoorn at her hair salon.What you prefer. The hairdressing salon has one chair, for Anita making bridesmaids is an honor: “It’s so special to do a bride’s hair on the prettiest day of her life.”



Visagie looks as simple as Martine van Hintum off Beauty Outline  is putting your make up on. Whether it’s in her beautiful salon in De Koog or on location, as soon as she’s getting started she’s looking for only one thing: The perfect make-up for your wedding day.



Beauty specialist Laura Sipsma has her salon in Boutique Hotel Texel, but she also comes to you if you prefer. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of the island? After Laura is ready, you know the answer. A relax moment at the start of your day.

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