Beautiful accessories, simple little details, a beautiful flower on the chairs during the ceremony, beautiful vases on the table, it makes your wedding day special. Here’s a page of all kinds of ideas.

You do not see any pictures of balloons on this page. We love our island Texel and we also take care for our island, the people and the animals that live there or live at sea. Balloons in nature are devastating to the animals on the island and the animals in the sea. The animals getting stuck in it or eat the plastic and often do not survive.

Wish balloons with firelights at night also aren’t desired on the island. It looks really beautiful I agree with you. Only on the island we have water all around us and the wishballoons have been seen more than once for a rescue rocket where the volunteer people of the rescue KNRM are looking for people in need. We have a lot of respect for these men and do not want them to go out for nothing.

All accessories can be made personal. Contact us about all the possibilities.

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