On the island you can now marry everywhere you want. With your feet in the sand, in the woods, in a little ‘sheepshelter’ (the sheep are not there) everything is possible. If you choose to marry on the beach then you can go anywhere, make it easier for yourself to choose a weddingvenue for one of the beach pavilion. From south to north there are several beach pavilions, each with their own unique atmosphere. What is best for you depends on what you are looking for.


Sheephouse’ Zuid Haffel, a beautiful unique place to say ‘yes’. This sleephouse is located nearby Burg. Personal decoration adds a beautiful atmosphere. There are wooden sits There is room for about 50 people. Actually two locations in one, an inside and an outside location with a view on the Church of Den Hoorn.



Church of Den Hoorn, a beacon for ships at sea. The church is beautiful inside and with live music it’s totally unique. What a beautiful sound. What little simple flowers on the sides of the chairs and it is a beautiful inside wedding venue. The Church has an organ and a ‘wing’ fur playing the piano. You can also use the live broadcast, which allows guests who are nog present to watch live. You can inform us if the Church is still available.

Church of De Koog, in the middle of the village you find this national monument from 1719. A cute church with chairs

and pews. If you want to get married heren you can informus if your wedding date is still available.



church of De Waal , in the smallest village of Texel you will find this church built on a mound. Inside the acoustics are great, in summer this church and also the church of Den

Hoorn used for concerts. Do you want to get married in the special church in the smallest village ont the island, we caninform you if the church is still available.


Paal 9 – With feet in the sand near the water or rather on the patio of the pavilion below, it is all possible. Saying YES in the conservatory of the pavilion located in the dunes with sea view makes Paal 9 a unique location. The pavilion is a year round pavilion. Paal 9 is very relaxing and is the most southern pavilion of the island

Paal 12 – Delightful beach pavilion right on the sea with the true relaxed Texelse atmosphere. Paal 12 is a pavilion that is only on the beach during the season, in winter it is broken down.


Paal 15 – Is currently a new year-round pavilion built, in addition there is also summer pavilion in summer, both can be hired for a wedding.


Paal 17 – The best known when it comes to wedding venues, a beautiful newly styled pavilion location near De Koog. The upper floor is available and can be rented separately, with nice weather you can marry on the upper terrace.


Paal 19 Zusje – The little sister of pavilion Paal 19, a beautiful location where you always have the whole pavilion. For disabled people, it is not ideal to walk, but no worries, they will pick you up and bring you by car!


Paal 28 – A beautiful beach location with a large terrace on the beach (summer only), also in the dunes a large pavilion (year round). Marrying on the beach or on the terrace it is all possible. Paal 28 is located near The Cocksdorp in the north of the island. All seasons you have the typical Texelbeach feeling. 


De Vriendschap Paal 33Getting married on a unique location with the wooden jetty of De Vriendschap in the back. This most frequently photographed location is

beautiful and yes it is in The Netherland on Texel. Also an option to eat your wedding cake with all yo



Boutique Hotel Texel – A beautiful location in the countryside for your wedding and/or party venue. The new hotel has a beautiful space that makes you fall in love. Ideal when children need to go to bed and you and your guest have a party , they can go to bed with a sitter while the party continues until late hours. Hotel Texel offers a total package, from the moment you enter you do not have to go out anymore, from make up to overnight stays, all at one place.