Depending on your wedding location, everything is present or you will still need to arrange things. If you marry the feet in the sand, you may want white chairs for your guests. If you marry the forest you may need hay bales to sit on. Do you need sound (speakers, etc.) for your ceremony if your marry outside or even inside?

Sound can be arranged at Texel at Aron Zeeman. He comes to the location himself and makes sure the sound is great during your wedding ceremony.
White seats for your ceremony, white pillars and desk and even a beautiful construction to marry on the beach can be hired, ask for the possibilities.

Price for rental

• 250 euro -Ceremonie construction with white veils/ ribbons, white table, white leckern and two Queen Ann chairs for the wedding parade.
• 2,75 euro per white folding chair. ( incl. bringing, placing ) • 75 euro – Loudspeaker and possibility to play your own music from computer

• 75 euro – Personal Dekoration for the wedding ceremonie with your weddingcolours. Flowers on the side of the chairs en the wedding construction with ribbons in your colour. Think of decoration with wooden plates, ribbons in colour en helium ballons.

• 150 euro – a personal large wooden board with their name, date, Texel, wedding and more.
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Bamboe enkel prieel, met lessenaar en tekentafel


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